[Our son] received his dulcimer at music class last night. He played it before school this morning. He dropped his backpack upon entering the house after school and immediately was back at it. My heart is so full it could burst.

Lisa, Child Care Director:
Thank you so much Judy. We love your program. I wished I would have signed up sooner!

Sofie’s mother:
“Thanks again for Sofie’s party. It was so much fun and I thank you for all the decorations, plus her name on the wall. What a nice touch. Two other parents have now asked about your information so I think we may be back to party again very soon.”

“Our daughter was so excited to get back to Young Muscians tonight! She practiced all day today, even laying out her cards and making up songs! As soon as she got home she cleaned out her old bag because she LOVES the new purple one! Thanks for such a great program!!!”

“Congratulations to [our son] on his graduation from Young Musicians at Milestones in Music, LLC. He was introduced to music and Miss Judy at one week of age and has continued for the past six years. Miss Judy, we can’t thank you enough! You have been an inspiration to our boys and a great friend to our entire family.”

“Thank you so much for a successful, fun-filled (and easy for me) birthday party for our son. He LOVED it and had such a great time. And his friends all had a great time too!”

“Milestones in Music has a super ‘Young Musician Program’. We simply love it. The teachers are excellent and professional. Great Studio. Judy, you bring it all together.”

“Both of my children (ages 1 and 3) absolutely LOVE Miss Judy and her staff! They look forward to music class each and every week. They already have quite a strong appreciation for music & I attribute that to the enthusiasm with which they have been introduced to the melodies and musical techniques by Miss Judy & her staff! Many thanks to all of them!”

Mother of David and Matthew:
“Both my sons have gone through your program from infants to Young Musicians. We all have enjoyed the programs, had fun and didn’t realize how much we were learning along the way.”

Genevieve’s mother:
“Genevieve loves the songs and sings Charlie Over the Ocean continuously.  We enjoy music class and Genevieve has such a great time.  She asks every night if we are going to music class.  Thank you for providing a guaranteed great time for both parents and children alike.  Also, we love the staff at MIM.  Miss Jill and Miss Debbie are fantastic!!!”

Noa’s mother:
“Noa just loves your class, Monday evening’s are always the easiest to get her to bed when she knows the next day she gets to sing and play music with your class! Thank you so much!”

Ilana’s mother:
“My daughter and I LOVE Milestones in Music…she loves having fun while playing instruments and hearing music…I love that she’s getting an early start in an appreciation and love of music! Ms. Judy Jones is awesome…she not only makes music fun for the kids, but engages the parents/caregivers! All around, one of the best programs for young (and older) children I’ve come across!!!”

Daycare instructor:
“I love music class at my school.  The children in my care just light up when they see Miss Judy at our door with her bag of goodies.  The children are involved and are kept engaged in the day’s songs and book.  Even when I was pregnant I could tell my baby would love music because I would get kicked like crazy.”

Mother of Reece and Kendol:
“We love it all – the different instruments, all the movement and especially Miss Judy.”

A Director of a Daycare:
“Miss Judy,  I want to thank you for coming and sharing your music with us.  You are great in presenting music with children so they really pick up what makes music “MUSIC”!  I was very impressed with you and the fun things that got kinds involved with really “listening”!  I feel that is so important to centering children in the creative process!”

Jake’s mother:
“Judy,  We wanted to let you know how much our son looks forward to and enjoys your class.  He talks about it all week and is so thrilled on Thursday morning when he says, “Miss Judy’s coming today.”  He loves music and dancing and I think you are a big reason why!  Just wanted to let you know that you are making a difference in at least one little life!”

Colby’s mother:
“I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful music that you have brought to our son’s life.  He enjoys every aspect of music from singing, playing instruments and just listening to it.  Thank you!”

Mother of Stella:
“Judy, I just wanted to let you know that our daughter Stella has such a love for music and I know it is all credited to you!  Every time a song comes on she dances around (or what I consider dancing since she can’t walk yet), wiggles on her bottom and shakes her arms and hands.  Her face just lights up when she hears something she likes!  It is such a joy to see!  Thank you for giving Stella the opportunity to experience music in such a fun and enjoyable way…it is something that I was not privileged to when I was a child but my husband was and he really wanted to make sure Stella was introduced at an early age as well!  A big thank you to you!”

Maddies’s mother:
“Judy, our daughter greatly enjoys your program.  Might you be available to come to her birthday party at our home in December to provide a musical program?  We attended Colin’s party this past year and were impressed with how much the kids loved your program at that event.  Thanks,”