Autism and Special Needs

Autism Movement Therapy classesMilestones In Music, LLC is a certified provider of Autism Movement Therapy for children. Through personal experience, we are aware of the power of music and movement to aid in the development of the communication and social skills of an autistic child. Autism Movement Therapy classes at Milestones In Music support therapies the autistic child may be receiving elsewhere.

Autism Movement Therapy (AMT), founded by Joanne Lara, combines a structured program of movement and music connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain for a ‘whole brain’ cognitive re-mapping approach that significantly increases concentration, focus and social interaction in the child. The article “Autism Movement Therapy – Waking Up The Brain!,” Autism Asperger’s Digest, provides a detailed description of the AMT process and why it works.

Autism Movement Therapy programABC News report on Autism Movement Therapy

“Autism Movement Therapy (AMT) provides children with Autism a world of fun and exciting sensory/motor experiences. Importantly, AMT may preclude the development of behavior challenges, often associated with Autism, and/or may minimize the frequency and intensity of such behavior. AMT as a relaxation technique holds the promise of assisting children with Autism with emotional regulation — while they are engaged in a typical, age-appropriate and social activity — dance!!”
Richard A. Mesaros, Ph.D. Professor – FERP Department of Special Education, Michael D. Eisner College of Education, CSU Northridge

Judy Jones, owner of Milestones In Music, obtained certification in Autism Movement Therapy under the personal tutelage of Joanne Lara. At Milestones In Music we have integrated AMT into our Music and Movement program. We use a natural strategy that allows a child to express themselves through music and movement while simultaneously experiencing the thrill and joy of moving their bodies and developing a sense of spatial relationships, self-determination and independence. View our AMT class descriptions at this link. Click here for current class schedules and secure on-line enrollment.

“I feel that movements contributing to organization of the brain are an important key to helping those with autism become more flexible in their thinking. I certainly think that Autism Movement Therapy should definitely be an important part of any teacher education program that works with students that fall within the autism Spectrum.”
-Dr Kay Dee Caywood, National University; Lead Faculty Special Education