About Milestones In Music

At Milestones In Music we believe that music education should be a fun and joyful experience for children.  The importance of music in the overall development of the young child has been proven in numerous studies.  We are proud to provide one of the most advanced, age-appropriate children’s music curriculum. 

Our curricula offers weekly high-quality music and movement classes for newborns to preschoolers in our studio or in your child’s child care/learning center. 

Is your child in full-time child care? Contact us for information of how we can bring the world’s best music education program to your school!

Our Philosophy

Milestones In Music provides an educational experienceWe believe that a comprehensive music program will aid in the educational, physical and social development of the child. Each music experience can have a significant impact on literacy and reading. Learning to read depends of acquiring a variety of skills, including phonological processing, oral language and comprehension. Our programs teach active listening, vocabulary, phonological awareness and print awareness all through developmental-appropriate musical activities.

Music by its very nature is a mathematical activity. As the child advances through our classes, they inherently develop their mathematical skills. Studies focused specifically on music for young children suggest that cognitive gains increase according to the number of years that students engage in active music learning. The younger children are when they begin, the greater the gains will be!

When your child participates in one of our unique classes, you will see development in language skills, literacy, listening skills, problem solving, social skills and self-esteem. They will outgrow new shoes and new toys, but they will never outgrow the learning skills they get from a Milestones In Music class.

Everyone representing Milestones In Music has made a commitment to provide the highest quality music education for your children and pledged an investment of continuing education and professional development. Over 2,500 children enjoy Milestones In Music Music and Movement class at 39 Child Care facilities.