Milestones In Music FAQsThere are always many questions at the beginning of each semester. The following are responses to those frequently asked. Please contact us if you have other questions.

What is your refund policy? If you withdraw before the first class of the start of a new semester, your purchase will be refunded in full. Once the semester begins, we do not offer refunds or credits for missed classes, but we ensure you have an opportunity to make-up any absence by attending any of our other classes. When possible, a dedicated “Make-Up Day” will be scheduled toward the end of each semester. You may attend any other class as your make-up, preferably within two weeks of the absence. Advance notice is not necessary.

How do you handle snow days? In the event of inclement weather, the decision to cancel class due to inclement weather is generally made within two hours of the start of class. When classes are cancelled, it will be communicated in three ways: 1) on the Home Page of our website, 2) through an email to all applicable parents, and 3) by a post on the Milestones In Music Facebook page. We will extend our semester schedule to include an additional week to accommodate any weather-related absences. Note: Make your family safety paramount in your decision to attend class. If you feel you cannot safely travel to class regardless of our decision to hold a class, plan to attend a make-up class at your convenience. Please ensure we have your cell phone number on file for other unforeseen schedule changes that may occur unexpectedly so we can reach you after you may have left home.

Guest siblings – “My older child has no school today. May they join us in class?” Yes, siblings are welcome as a guest on the rare occassions when their schedule has changed. Siblings that regularly attend class will be charged the sibling tuition.

I’m pregnant and due within the semester! We have a generous Maternity Leave Policy, as we are thrilled to welcome your baby into our Milestones In Music family! You will receive credit for the week you give birth plus the following two weeks (an extra week for caesarian deliveries) good for the following semester. The credit will be in your account for next semester. If you come back to class sooner or someone brings big brother or sister in your absence, we’ll adjust your credit accordingly. Don’t forget to send Judy an email with the joyous news of your little one’s arrival!

Is there a Sibling Discount? Yes! We encourage all of your children to benefit from the program and offer a generous 25% tuition discount for your second child. The oldest child will pay full tuition and any applicable materials fees. The second child will receive 25% discount on tuition. Please contact us regarding discounts when concurrently enrolling three or more children. Sibling Discount is NOT automatic during online registration process. Please register all of your children and then Contact us with the details regarding the children enrolled. Or, enroll via phone with Judy Jones at (610) 505-1449. We will manually determine the discount and apply the refund to your credit card.

What is your Privacy Policy? We will NOT share your contact or family information with anyone for any reason! Your information (including email address) is used expressly for the purpose of communicating class updates to you. Only Milestones In Music staff will have access to your contact information. At no time will your email address be visible to other parents during our weekly emails, and at no time will your email, phone or mailing address information be shared with any parties outside of Milestones In Music.

Can I bring my baby to an older sibling’s class? Yes! Infants are always welcome. We encourage you to bring a car seat, stroller, etc. whenever possible, so your enrolled child can enjoy your attention during their special class. Infants are invited to join their older sibling’s class without additional fee through their first birthday. Our Sibling Discount applies beyond that date.

Can I bring a friend to class? Yes! We have a great referral program if your friends enroll!

Can Grandparents observe the class? Yes! Grandparents and/or Daddy’s are very welcome.

Can I bring my camera? We love pictures of activities within the class, and if you take a really good one, please email it to Judy. The children are so darling! We do request that you ensure these are ‘candid’ shots and that the photography does not interfere with the flow of the class in any way.

What is your policy on Photo Authorization? We frequently take “action” pictures in all of our Studio classes. These pictures are used to provide a commerative photo collage of each class. Occasionally the pictures may be used on our Facebook page or website. No child is ever identified by name. Parents who wish to have their children excluded from photographs should Contact us or call Miss Judy at 610-505-1449. We will ensure all class photos comply with your request. We adhere to all regulations regarding pictures for each daycare facility.

What is your policy regarding sanitary issues? We sanitize all objects the children touch between uses. Cleanliness of everything children touch has always been a priority in our classrooms. We are a shoeless classroom! You can be assured that the floors are vacuumed daily (and usually between each class). To facilitate keeping them as clean as possible for our children, please come prepared to enjoy class in your socks or cover your shoes with booties we will provide. For your children, we request that you provide a pair of socks with gripper bottoms. (No bare feet, please). Very young children who have been carried into the classroom may keep their shoes.

Coming down with the sniffles? There is much information bombarding us regarding flu viruses. At Milestones In Music, we want to be as responsive to threats of virus or colds as possible, but still be realistic that we live in the ‘real’ world, too. To minimize the chance of spreading illness, we encourage you to stay home any time you or your child exhibit any signs of illness. We have a very liberal Make-Up Class policy (see above). We will also have hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand wipes available in every class. It has always been our practice to thoroughly clean the instruments and wash the scarves and streamers after each use. A healthy classroom is a happy classroom, and we definitely want your experience with us to be very happy!

Can we have a copy of the music for home? You will be receiving a list of downloadable music that you may purchase via iTunes if you wish to ‘take Music Class home’.