Miss Beth

Beth Frook is the Executive Director of Milestones In Music. Miss Beth has a BA from George Washington University and studied voice and piano. She has Level I Orff Schulwerk certification and is a member of the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association. She has been active on national and local boards of several early childhood music associations, as well as presented at conventions and seminars for music educators and early childhood teachers, nationally and in Europe. Miss Beth loves teaching music because “music and movement are a language of the heart. When we move and sing it connects us to an emotional form of communication that creates deep memory and a level of being with others that few other experiences afford. I love the connection music builds to bring out each person’s special song to be sung in the world.”

Miss Beth is also Director of Little Hands, Inc., a long-standing, well-respected early childhood music education program in the Washington, D.C. area. Little Hands classes grew from 10 students a week in 1993 to well over 2000 a week today. Miss Beth and her team have developed “local, fresh, and home-grown” music recordings and materials. Milestones In Music has been a partner with Little Hands since 2008.

Miss Beth & Miss Judy

After holding several corporate and music-related positions around the country, Miss Judy founded Milestones In Music in 2003. Milestones In Music is a union of Miss Judy’s love of children and love of music. Her dedication to quality and commitment to the children is evident in the growth of Milestones In Music: 18 students in 2003 to well over 2000 children currently. Miss Judy will retire September 30, 2019. Miss Judy’s close friend and business peer, Beth Frook, will become the new Executive Director effective July 1st to ensure a seamless transition. For the past nine years, the classroom curricula and original music was created by Beth’s company, with lesson plans supporting that curricula written by Miss Judy. Miss Beth’s decision to lead Milestones In Music upon Miss Judy’s retirement ensures our classes will continue to receive the very best educational music program, the highest trained Early Childhood music educators, and one of the very best Early Childhood Professionals directing the program.

Miss Debbie

Miss Debbie joined our staff in 2007, after enjoying our program for three years as one of our “Music Class Mom’s”. Miss Debbie currently teaches in several of our Daycare programs in Lansdale, Horsham and Collegeville. After graduating from Temple University with a BA, she worked in customer service for ten years before starting her family. Miss Debbie enjoys singing, acting and dancing with her church theatrical group at Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Doylestown. more

Milestones In Music Instructor Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel joined Milestones In Music during the Fall Semester of 2011. She moved to the area from Syracuse, NY, where she obtained a Master of Science degree in Music Education, Magna Cum Laude, and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Syracuse University. Miss Rachel has experience teaching both elementary and secondary level band, orchestra, piano and voice.

Miss Laura

We are delighted to have Miss Laura on the Milestones In Music teaching team! Miss Laura has a beautiful voice, has been a member of several choirs, chorales, and musical productions. Laura’s education (Master’s degree from Columbia University) and employment background was in social work within the school systems from preschool through older ages, so she has a rich background of working with children. According to Miss Laura, “singing has always been a part of my life. I was in chorus programs from elementary school through high school. In college, I served as the Music Chair for my sorority, putting together group singing events, skits and other fun competitions. I also attended parent/child music classes with my own children from infancy through preschool.”

Miss Sharon

Miss Sharon is an accomplished singer and songwriter who loves working with children and the community. A graduate of Temple University’s Radio-Television-Film program, she has retired from her work in community affairs and now looks forward to using her vocal and musical training to engage young people through our music classes.