Milestones In Music, LLC, is an award-winning provider of early childhood music education for corporate and private child care programs!

“Is today Music day?”

Your students will ask that very question every day. That’s because we teach them to sing, move, explore, express, create and simply enjoy the incredible power of music!

Each semester our music program is built around a theme. This enables the children to relate the concepts and skills we teach them to something they already know.

Summer is for FUN, and our theme “Over In The Meadow”, is very fun and appropriate to use summer activities to learn musical concepts. Come with us for a musical run through the meadow with animal friends – the fish, owl, bird, mouse, bee, frog and duck, to name a few! We’ll sing, dance, and play instruments around this fun theme that is sure to bring the outdoors in to our music classroom! Swim with the fish, listen for the owl and wind in the trees, fly with the birds, and buzz with the bees! And of course, we’ll hop like frogs and do a waddle dance with the ducks. Loads of hands-on time with instruments and active storytelling will round out our time together over in the meadow.