Milestones In Music, LLC, is an award-winning provider of early childhood music education for corporate and private child care programs!

“Is today Music day?”

Your students will ask that very question every day. That’s because we teach them to sing, move, explore, express, create and simply enjoy the incredible power of music!

Each semester our music program is built around a theme. This enables the children to relate the concepts and skills we teach them to something they already know. Vocal pitch may be associated with the “highs” and “lows” of the flight of a butterfly. Fine motor skills may be improved using finger movements while singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

“Weather or Not” is the musical theme for our Winter Semester.
Whether it’s cold or whether it’s hot
We shall have weather, whether or not!

Sun, Wind, Rain or Snow – “Weather”! For the next three months, we will be singing, tapping, stomping and dancing about weather. From the silence of tissue snowflakes to the tinkling of authentic cactus rain sticks, we are going to be enjoying the sounds of nature outside our window.