Milestones In Music, LLC, is an award-winning provider of early childhood music education offering Studio parent-child classes, child care programs, and private music lessons! Milestones In Music was awarded the 2013 Small Business of the Year by the PennSuburban Chamber of Greater Montgomery County.

“Is today Music day?”

Our students ask that very question every day. That’s because we teach them to sing, move, explore, express, create and simply enjoy the incredible power of music!

The theme of our summer classes is “Colorful Creatures.” A delightful exploration into how music and colors impact our feelings and moods. How do you feel when you hear a fast, jazzy song? Or a mournful melody in a minor key? Or enjoy a bright day filled with yellow sunshine? Or experience a gray, cloudy day? Colors, and tunes, impact our moods in many ways, and we will spend the summer experiencing a different color, and a different type of music, and a very special ‘Creature’ each week. Join us as we experience the fun of “Colorful Creatures”! Enroll today!

We feature: