Milestones In Music, LLC, is an award-winning provider of early childhood music education in the Delaware Valley!  Milestones In Music was awarded the 2013 Small Business of the Year by the PennSuburban Chamber of Greater Montgomery County.

Playtime_ArtOur Spring Theme is “PLAY TIME”. We will be singing and moving to the lively music that incorporates Play. Children will enjoy the worlds their imagination can create! We can jump with the “Jack In The Box”, or dance with our “Teddy Bear”, or even spin with a “Top”.

Often simple objects will become something else through the power of their imagination. A stick can become a pencil, a sword, or a magic wand! What about an empty paper towel roll, a cardboard box, a towel, or a wooden block – what could they become in pretend play? To face and solve problems as adults, our children need to practice active imagination skills and creativity. Enroll today.

“Is today Music day?”

Our students ask that very question every day. That’s because we teach them to sing, move, explore, express, create and simply enjoy the incredible power of music! 

“Miss Judy and her staff provide a nurturing, fun environment to not only introduce musical concepts to little ones but also to encourage their social and personal development. For older children, their proven methods teach music’s fundamentals and build character, confidence, and listening skills (all while providing a supportive, enthusiastic, and engaging atmosphere!)”

We feature: